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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 14, 2010 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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will remember and celebrate. as the president of chile said, you know what, it is a nice night, proud they came out of the depths of ther. our coverage continues. greta is next. thanks for being with us. >> greta: they are singing in chile. the "the herd"y threerd trapped -- the 33rd miner out, he's the one that held the group together. [ applause ] >> mr. president, i hope this should never, ever happen again. thank you for everybody. thank you to the entire chile and all the people that helped us. i am proud to be chilean.
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thank you to all the people. >> mr. luis, i am taking over your shift and i congratulate you, because you did what you had to do. like a proper captain. we are proud of each and every one of the 33 miners that gave example of friendship. and i want to tell to the thousands and thousands of people that worked hard for you to be here, the minister, all the rescuers that are here. the medics that took care of your health. the thousands of chileans that committed themselves through a world of support.
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and i want to also thank god that was here with us. i want to ask you luis, stand here next to me and as an honor to the miners, your family, the rescuers, the engineers, the medics, the people that are still down there and we are going to pull them up, i want you with the helmet on the heart our national anthem, the chilean anthem. ♪ ♪ [ chilean anthem ]
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>> greta: this is so thrilling, it just doesn't get any better than this. there are still some rescue workers down below but this is fabulous the news the world has been waiting for the 33rd
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miner out of the bottomless pit. it isn't a bottomless pit but it has felt that way, hasn't it steve? >> reporter: it has. it seemed that way during the emotional rollercoaster that these miners, their families and the nation has gone through over past two months. a mix of emotions right now. on the one hand as you saw singing that national anthem a great sense of national pride of being chilean. singing with the hard hats on their shoulder watching by everybody in the country provide pride of what they accomplished and pride in the miners how they carried themselves and the grace with which they did come out of that mine. also, i think a sense of exhaustion from these emotions and real relief that this engineering feat has been carried out. as far as the rescue the pace as everything else the has done exceeded expectations. they were getting them out
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better and faster and more efficiently today than they were yesterday. some of those rescue times under an hour that capsule taking bate of a beating, some chipped paint but no real damage after it was hauled up and down. 33 in all coming up. the last one significant he was the shift boss. as the president said, you are a good boss because you put your workers before yourself. the first shall be last. that boss himself was the last man up. remarkable exchanges there between the miner who felt perfectly comfortable addressing the president, telling him, this should never happen again. this is an event too that goes beyond this mine and beyond chile an event with deep emotional over tones. there's a reason why a billion people watched this over the past two days. real emotions not only about a life and death drama, trying to save miners from half a mile underground, something that has never been done before, technologically, also
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a lot about emotions involved. these were 33 men separated from their families. we saw overand over again the same scene for the past two days, reunions between husbands and wives, husbands and children many and the reunions, the emotion was something you might not see anywhere else. people who were thought to be dead. people who thought they might die. coming to see the people they've thought about alone in isolation, underground for the past two months. reunions and faces that i've never seen before in any story we've ever covered. seeing that over and over again was a privilege for a lot of people here. a lot of lessons likely to come out of this, for how to handle it technologically, how to handle and shape an event as far as the politics go, a real boost for this president. also control over the media. lessons for the miners, especially the first 17 days in darkness this is a lesson
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on how a group can overcome tremendous adversity not only in the dark but under several hundred thousand tons of rock. they were presumed to be dead. they made a journey back to life that ended. one is up, the capsule on the way down to bring up the last five. they've already held up a sign, mission accomplished, chile. it is time to relax a little, feel good when these five rescue workers finally come up in the next couple of hours. >> greta: five down there, about three or four hours before they can finally call it quits. what is the plan? what do they do just close up the hole? do they have any idea what they are going to do with this? >> reporter: this is a copper and gold mine they started working in 1885. the president said it is never going to work again. this mine is going to be shutdown. we are probably going to see much more restrictive conditions as far as safety across the chilean mining
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system. the shift boss came out and told the president this should never happen again. certainly in the short term at last there's going to be efforts to make sure it doesn't. this is a nation that does depend on its mining wealth to flourish. about 40% of the government's revenue does come from mining. especially the copper industry, chile is a major world producer. it is a difficult, dangerous, difficult job, hopefully the rules of the game will be better in the near future. >> greta: now we are out of the rescue phase, let me do a sort of postmortem. why did this happen? just the risk of fate? was it just the mine collapsing or did someone do something wrong? are there safety violations? why did these 33 men find themselves in the most unthinkable situation? >> reporter: certainly some real bad luck and good fortune as well. fortunate in an imagine rescue area, sort of open room with
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some supplies when that avalanche did happen. this is a mine with a history of safety problems. and a company with safety problems. no specific individual has been targeted as any cause or trigger for thisafter. this is a place which has had problems. investigations are underway. lawsuits are underway. there's concern about a possible safety ladder which if it was in place when it should have been might have made this 15 million dollar effort which galvanized the nation, unnecessary. that's to be sorted out. the negative end and the lawsuits. as these miners try and get back to their lives. when you are underground as we are seeing now for two plus months, a lot happens on the surface. these miners have a lot of living to do and catching up to do. babies have been born. grandchildren have been born. even great grand children. there's a 56-year-old miner who had his fourth great
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grandchild born while he was underground. >> greta: a lot of reason to be ing tonight. steve standby we'll be back to you. adam, it is so exciting. even like we get to share a little here in the united states. even this little fact, ups, the united states shipping company brought a 13 ton drilling tool from pennsylvania in less than 48 hours. ups gets a little nod. 13 ton drilling tool in less than 48 hours. there's so many ways in which so many different people, different companies participated in this extraordinary feat. >> reporter: absolutely greta. what a moment in time. what a moment for chile. they are partying here like we haven't seen before. they are talking about this being a national holiday, october 13th. a day that could be such a day in history. as you walk around you see smiles. last night we walked up this time, and you saw the hope on
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people's faces. you also saw the uncertainty. the operations were just beginning. each one, even as each one came up successful there was always a chance that one rock could dislodge and cause everything to go haywire. now there are smiles on everyone's faces. people that don't know each other hugging. people lighting candles. it is quite a moment. the bells are ridging across this country. we've been talking to family members. they are going to be emotional. they've been here, many since august 5th, for 69 days in harsh conditions while their loved ones were in that mountain behind me. we wanted to bring in somebody who was a chilean who wasn't part of this specific operation. they weren't a member of the family. they weren't a friend but they were chilian and can express what is going on in the -- chilean, and can express what is going on in the country. gonzolo we've been talking about what this means for your country and how it is tied to so many other countries, you
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had the canadians here, so many people involved emotionally or physically. what what has this been like for chile? >> this is really impressive, what have been living today. it is really, really hard to believe. because the people are transforming their pain into wonderful happiness. i think the country needed like this. we have been a year, you know very hard. we had this terrible earthquake. this is just a contrast. a great situation. it is a metaphor for the country. it is a great, great moment. you don't have to forget we are celebrating our by centennial too. that is so symbolic. i'm speechless. how you connect all the symbols it is amazing. >> reporter: as we drive across the country we saw flags everywhere. on every corner, you saw
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people watching on television, restaurants, this story has been on the forefront of everybody's mind since august 5th, especially when they found out the men were alive. what's it been like? we've been able to peek into the story, what has been like for you guys? >> i think story is going to be in the heart of the country for many, many years. as i told you, particularly, this year, it is such a great news. it is wonderful. it is really wonderful what we >> we are going to have more. the celebration has started. but the danger is not over. rescue workers are still down in that mine.
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innovation for safety. innovation for all.
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>> greta: they are all out. the 33rd miner in chile is safe. joining us by phone bill arnold he >> greta: bill arnold is on the phone. he was in the mine collapse in pennsylvania. we look at the various miners. number 27, franklin lobos, 53 years old. he was on the national soccer team that qualified for the 1984 olympics in los angeles. each man seems to be more fascinating than the next. you helped rescue in pennsylvania. tell me your thoughts as you watch the last 24, 30 hours? >> reporter: it's been amazing. i can remember the feelings as i was watching the rescue take place in chile that we did back
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in 2002, here at the rescue site. i have been up now for over 40 hours watching. and it's nervous anticipation for a rescue that is getting very close to getting completed successfully, as it was here in cue creek. you are exactly right, greta. they are very focus focused until everyone is safely out of that mine and then the celebration will begin. >> bill, it's fascinating here because when the cameras were down in the mine, just to be able to watch those men down there, to put up at the bottom of the mine and see them. we were just getting a glimpse of it. imagine being there for 69 days and wondering: am i ever going to get out of here? will they ever reach me? will they ever rescue me? and see it one by one unfold down there. it must have been extraordinary. >> reporter: it is incredible i extraordinary. the technology has increased and improved since 2002. it's amazing.
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the capsule here was very similar, almost identical in diameter. but the one in chile has a lot of more modern technology involved with the on-board oxygen and the telemetry and the audio and vision. it's a really neat experience to see how far we have come in 8 years. >> greta: every time i pick up another story, i read more about how much the americans contributed. the drill used to bore the hole was made in berlin, pennsylvania, at center rock, incorporated. it's like all the mining industry, all people in this industry, all hands on deck, everyone sharing technology, doing everything to help this country rescue their miners. >> reporter: absolutely. center rock is just about 8 miles down the road from us. and again, somerset county, stepping up to make their mark in history, helping with another
1:19 am
monumental, historic rescue. >> greta: you know in cue creek and here tlooks by the time we get involved in it talmost looks easy. but i know it's far from that. in cue creek, were you nervous the whole time that something would go wrong? >> reporter: absolutely. we were planning for every possible scenario that might develop. and we were planning at least two or possibly three contingency plans for every possible outcome and every possible turn and twist that we could possibly imagine so we wanted to be absolutely prepared and ready to face any outcome that would be thrown our way. and fortunately, things continued to develop in a very, very -- manner -- i'm sorry, greta, it's been a long, exciting night. but things continue to develop properly for the rescue to
1:20 am
continue to become successful here at cue creek. >> indeed. we have five more to get up and four more hours. next, our breaking news coverage continues. the world has been waiting and all the miners are safe. we are standing by for news about more rescuers being lifted to safety. stay right where you are.
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. >> greta: we go straight to adam housley in chile. edison pena, married, reportedly among the most depressed of the trapped men. asked rescuers to send a photo of the sun. he tried run everyday for exercise. is a fan of elvis presley and asked for elvis music to be sent into the mine so they could have a sing along. the stories keep coming, >> reporter: they do. you hear supporters coming by. these are the kind of celebrations, listen. these are the celebrations,
1:24 am
small and large on this dirty road coming out of this mine. you can see chilean television. blue t-shirt with a shirt that many supporters wore said the strength of the miners, basically. those shirts were worn all around here as that bus of supporters and family makes a triumphant drive down the dirt road an hour and a half drive to the main large town. the helicopters were flying and the cars were getting in the way with their lights. they are bringing everybody around. president pinera is here. we are not sure if he is going to be driving or flying out. this was really all about the miners. you had those rescuers, those six men that went in knowing they were going in to potentially, already was a sear us were situation, potentially they may not come back up. they still put their hands up
1:25 am
and said i will go. everyone is up but the last two. four have come up. two are left. local media isn't covering that. which says something about the fact these men knew they were not going to be the heroes. that the miners were going to be heroes. yet they volunteered and went 2,000 feet underground knowing all along they may not come back up. four have. two rescuers left to come up. once they touch ground up here greta, within the next hour, there will be nobody left in that mine. and no one we are told is ever going back in that mine. that's what we are hearing here as the celebration continues. >> greta: we started, i said it would take four hours. i've forgotten the level of speed by which that cylinder is sent down and brings the person up has picked up the pace. you are right, the fact that -- it is one thing to be a miner and have a collapse and get stuck down there. it is a whole another thing to
1:26 am
-- whole other thing to volunteer. hats off to the rescuers who went down there for only one reason, to help. >> reporter: yeah. we all want to meet the miners of course, that is going to take place over the course of the coming weeks and monthskp the guy i want to meet is that first man. the first guy who got in that capsule and made the first trip down. no one had gone in that capsule before. no one had made that trip before. he stayed down almost 24 hours that is something to be said for that kind of courage, that kind of strength and that kind of guts. that's the man i want to meet along with those miners. that was a test -- testament of those here dedicated to getting everyone out alive. >> greta: how about the last one number 33. i fear i might have volunteered to be first, not
1:27 am
last. >> reporter: you would have stayed because you like to use a camera, you are always taking pictures. steve harrigan made a good point. harrigan yesterday was talking about how in war the last man is sometimes the most important because you are bringing up the rear. that was something there was debate over the last few days who the last man would be. would it be the foreman? would he be the final one to come up? he will whole the record as the person who lived the longest underground in the history of the world. there was some squabbling a little. although these miners i have to say have been very strong together. they've stuck together from the outset something that has been very impressive. they are all -- i believe the last couple are still in the triage field hospital that's why the president is still here. and wants the last couple to go to the hop, they will all be there together, about 35 miles -- go to the hospital, they will all be there together, about 35 miles away.
1:28 am
>> greta: i assume the first 17 days was hoping they would hear something from the surface that people recognized they were alive. how did they pasttime? >> reporter: you know, it is interesting. the first hole was only the size of a baseball, maybe bigger you get some things down to them. the eventual hole was the size of a bike wheel. bibles were sent, clothes, toiletries, a guitar, one was a musician. there were all sorts of medical supplies sent down. that's why people asked earlier in the day as we saw each within come up and how wonderful they were, people were saying they look good, shaven, they look clean. it is because that second -- safety hole the size of a bike tire was used to get all those supplies down. the larger hole only two feet across, to bring them out. your brother was in the mine?
1:29 am
what number was he? he was number three the third one up, early on. great profound day for the world, for my country, the accident started everything, but no problems, no issues and it's a lot of love up here and everybody was -- no major medical problems. it is a momentous moment for the family.
1:30 am
that's one we are seeing these comments from all the family members that still here. some went up on a hill early on had a prayer vigil and put up some -- there's a bus coming so i'm going to step away. they put up candles, i was going to say here comes another bus, waving, some of the family and volunteers. that bus wasn't as full as the last one. everybody going out with smiles and waves that's was one thing we noticed throughout the day. as you would see people group the hill to meet their miner. you could see the excitement, at the same time you could see the hesitation. because their miner hadn't stepped out of the capsule yet and we kept hearing something could potentially happen. then they would come down later on and have that smile from ear to ear. one popped open a of champagne and sprayed part of the foreign press. it was quite a party. you also felt for the other families who were still waiting, watching all the other miners come up.
1:31 am
>> greta: how lucky we are all that all 33 made it out. imagine if there had been a horrible crisis after a few had gotten out, and the other ones, some horrible thing happened. imagine living with that. we are so lucky and sorry the miners, so are chile this has turned out like it has. >> reporter: it is finance any too, that is exactly right. that was something we mentioned off camera. you didn't want to bring it up because you didn't want to put a damper on the situation. you know that if that happened, you know there would be serious issues these guys had to deal with. they are all up? they are still going, okay. we are told, i guess there's one more guy down there. >> greta: we teased you back here as we watched you report through the night the miners had come out excited as the night wore on, i knew you were getting more tired, we were
1:32 am
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>> >> greta: this is a fox news alert. we are going directly to chile where adam housley has a very special guest. >> reporter: we do, give me one second. it answers your question that you talked about when we went to break which was about the miners whose families were later on and had to wait. i haven't had a chance to ask her, her name. richard villarreal. he was number 28. we saw him come up not long ago when things were going very fast, the last couple of hours of the rescue. he came up.
1:36 am
what was it like? what was it like to be almost last? . she says towards the end of the strong and the proud come at the last part. she says she was terribly nervous throughout the whole day. how long has your family been here? how many days have you been here? two months. she is one of the families that has been here since the 5th of august. many here with no word whether their son would be alive,
1:37 am
their father, their brother, their uncle. many families stayed and kept the hope alive with the president. when that first note came up that they were alive it was a great day for them and of course nothing compares to what is going on today. >> greta: ask her if she has had a chance to talk with her and what he said? >> reporter: they couldn't talk a lot. he's very happy. >> greta: how does he look? >> reporter: he looks strong.
1:38 am
he's tall dark and handsome i asked her? she said yes. he's a father too. he has one. his first child was born in the mine -- when he was in the mine. so he's a new father. we talked about him. we have so many of the miners and their stories over the course of the last few days. he was the one whose son was while he was in the mine. has he had a chance to see his son? . he got a chance to see him in
1:39 am
the hospital? they came to the hospital. >> greta: what does she want to say to him? >> that he's very strong and that she loves him very much. and that it is a great day. she says a great day for her country and the entire world. it has been a great event here. she keeps talking about how strong he is and how the strong come last. that's one reason why she was proud he came up at number 28. she was very nervous throughout the entire time, as you might imagine. but her son came up towards
1:40 am
the end which says something about his strength. they were the ones that would come last the ones strongest mentally and physically. imagine that, this man volunteered to go number 28, knowing he had not yet seen his first child. >> greta: adam, thank you. stand by. everyone could feel the excitement in the air. the danger continues the last rescue worker is still en route out of the mine. our coverage continues, next, our coverage continues, next, do not go away. our coverage continues, next, do not go away. ready to try something new? campbell's has made changes. adding lower sodium sea salt to more soups. plus five dollars in coupons to get you started. campbell's condensed soup. pass it on. campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™ it's the idea that a car that will never have an accident may be possible. in pursuit of this goal, lexus developed the world's most advanced driving simulator,
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1:44 am
rapid fire fashion. we are seeing how fast that capsule can move. no sooner was the second to last rescuer out on the platform now it has been lowered again at speed. there's one man down there. one rescuer. all 33 miners up, all 33 miners save in a two day operation. now the six rescue workers the men who went to check their medical condition to make sure they understood what they were going into that capsule to explain the procedure. one man left in a mine open in 1885 that has been deemed unsafe. alone in a mine that almost claimed the lives of 30 three miners. we are getting more details about the health of the miners that have come up. most have looked remarkably fit, strong, some pumping the air with their fists. shaking hands vigorously before getting on stretchers to go to the hospital for a quick triage. no serious situations
1:45 am
reported. the first eight said to be in extremely excellent health even one who is a diabetic there. was some concern about him. there have been two dental operations so far. of course teeth, underground, in that situation, a real concern as well as skin. one miner suffering from pneumonia. of course that dark, hot, humid area too. two dental operations. one case of pneumonia. the camp itself that we've seen for the past two months that camp is largely disbanded as those family members are beginning to go on their way. the big question what is going to become of those miners? it will be easier for them, for the next six months. the government has promised to support them steadily for the next six months as they make decisions about what they are going to do. also a wealthy mining entrepreneur has promised each of the 33, $10,000 welcome
1:46 am
money to men who often earn $600 a month. and the miners themselves whatever opportunity might come their way down in the mine where they demonstrated solidarity to get back to the surface, they've also arranged between themselves to share any proceeds they get. >> greta: i don't want to steal from the people of chile, tell me, any americans on the scene helping? any american engineers? >> reporter: certainly, a number of american drillers were taking part in this operation for men they didn't know for men sometimes whose language they didn't speak from a different country. putting in night and day efforts here on the ground. some of those americans working for chilean mining and drilling companies had a lot to do with the success of this . american involvement in the drilling. in some of the clothing worn by the miners designed in the capsule and in the drill itself that percussion drill
1:47 am
which is able to drill and pound rock at the same time which seems to have made a huge difference in reaching the miners so quickly. >> greta: steve, thank you. coming up more breaking news. one rescue worker still underground. he's on the way out of there. thas to the venture card from capital one, we get double miles on every purchase. so we earned an la getaway twice as fast. we get double miles every time we use our card. [ histling ] no matter what we're buying. and since double miles add up quick... romans! get em!
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>> greta: you missed this rescue in chile over the last 24 hours, here it is! [ applause ] >> reporter: his wife, his friends everyone is cheering down the hill, up there. >> now the moment where he gets to hug his wife. [ applause ]
1:52 am
>> the 8th miner to come to the surface you are seeing it live here on fox and friends. every time it comes up on a chilly morning like this it does nothing but warm your body to see another man who has been down more than 2,000 feet for 69 days to come up and to see his family and friends for the first time in person since august 5th. what is interesting. the middle section. the first section some of the strongest and the last section being the absolute strongest. it is the ones coming up now who were thought to be the weakest for some reason.
1:53 am
he still had the energy. i hope you hear the clapping. other families still here holding vigil and say they will stay until all 33 miners come to the surface. >> this would be mario gomez the 9th miner who had a breathing apparatus on. right now 8:30 on the east coast, 9:30 in chile where the 11th miner is about to come out of that capsule. here . as you see they are all coming out with these dark glasses on as they adjust to the light. >> i think we are about to see somebody. look at the looks on people's faces. [ applause ]
1:54 am
>> that sound doesn't get old. those pictures don't get old. >> 13 men arrived to the surface. according to our produce there's was the second fastest trip of any of the 15 made so far. >> the excitement of those above ground welcoming yet another miner, safe and sound. >> this man that you are seeing on your screen has been in three mining accidents where he has been trapped underground. [ applause ] >> the 22nd miner is being
1:55 am
rescued right now. rescue number 23 has just taken place. this guy is the tech whiz of the bunch, we are told. [ applause ] >> good, bravo juan carlos! she did the mother of the
1:56 am
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